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Wondering what is LS VTEC or know what it is and would like more information? You have come to the right place!  This website is full of information and is a great LS VTEC conversion guide for beginners and experts alike.

Part 1: LS VTEC Introduction

So, what is LSVTEC?

Also know as LS/VTEC, CRV/VTEC, B20/VTEC, etc. This is the process of placing a B16 or GSR VTEC head onto a non-VTEC B-series block. 

Why would you build an LS/VTEC?

Using a VTEC head over a non-VTEC head offers many benefits.  This conversion greatly improves cylinder head flow through more efficient porting design, offers better camshaft options, extended power range RPM and due to the nature of VTEC offers a more efficient engine and flatter torque curve due to the VTEC camshaft design with 2 different cam profiles in one.  Also, VTEC heads have smaller combustion chambers that raise the compression ratio resulting in even more power.

What blocks can be used?

The blocks used include B20B4 2.0L from the 97-01 Honda CR-V, B18A1 1.8L from 90-93 Acura Integra non-VTEC models, B18B1 1.8L from 94-01 Acura Integra non-VTEC models and also the JDM B18B and B20Z.

What heads can be used?

There are a few choices when it comes to choosing a cylinder head.  At the top of the list but also the most expensive would be an Integra Type-R B18C5 or JDM B18C-R cylinder head.  ITR heads offer the better flowing ports, nicer valves, upgraded valve springs, and a really nice set of camshafts. The more budget-friendly choices are the B16 and GSR heads.  The B16 is found in 99-00 Honda Civic Si, DOHC VTEC del Sol and JDM B16 engines.  The GSR is found in 94-01 Acura Integra GSR.  Also the B17A1 found in the rare 92-93 Acura Integra GSR has the same head as a B16 and can be used as well.

What camshafts to use?

If going factory the ITR and CTR (B16B) camshafts are very well proven in the industry.  If on a budget a set of GSR camshafts are a good upgrade over the B16.  Factory camshafts work great for most, and have led many to some very nice numbers on the dyno. If your setup needs more than factory can offer, there are many aftermarket choices and will have to be matched to your setup goals.

What is needed for the LS/VTEC conversion?

The key in building a LS/VTEC setup is attention to detail to make it reliable.  There are many things required for the proper installation of a VTEC head onto a non-VTEC block.  Next we will be getting into an itemized list of what is needed.

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